Hand Washing Station

Field hand washing and field produce washing stations:

Provide 2 hand washing stations, which are portable. Thus allowing them to be relocated in various places on the farm, depending on event/situation. 

Provide 1 produce washing station, which would be a permanent fixture on the farm. And/or 1 permanent station and 1 portable station.

These need to be separate units, in order to avoid any cross contamination. They also must have access to potable water. The drainage needs to be located so that the run off does not go into food production fields.

Pricing for Hand washing: Anywhere from about $125.00 for a simple unit, such as the ones presently being used at the farm, but are in need of replacement. Other designs, up to several hundred dollars for more sophisticated units.

Pricing for Produce washing: No commercial units were found to be presently available. However, there were many designs/styles which could be made to do the job. Estimates are from several hundred to over a thousand dollars.